Welcome to Ookla Internet Speed Teste

Ookla Speed Teste by using ookla is the definitive way to test the speed and performance of your internet connection. Every day, over ten million particular checks are actively initiated by way of our users inside the locations and at the instances whilst their connectivity topics to them. Since our founding in 2019, an unparalleled total of extra than 30 Thousands tests were concerned with Ookla Speed Teste.

Our commitment to imparting transparency into the performance of networks is what drives us. Whether assisting our users investigate the speed of their character connections through the ookla Speed Test utility or publishing evaluation on the state of global markets and associated trends, our team is always operating to provide statistics with a purpose to assist make the internet better and quicker for everyone.

Ookla Speed Teste is currently to be had for the web at ookla.online.