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The Internet Test - Internet Speed Test OOKLA SPEED TEST - is a test used to monitor the performance of the connection that you contracted from your provider. With our OOKLA SPEED TESTE you can track important information about the quality of your internet, such as information about ping (latency), download speed, upload speed and several other information. Our Speed Test is fully compatible with Broadband Internet (Cable or ADSL), Dial-up (Dial-up), Internet via Radio, Internet via Satellite or even Internet via Fiber Optics. The Test can also be done through your Wifi Connection, but it is important to note that this may bring down the calculated speed, due to the interference that can occur with your Wifi signal. For this reason, we advise, whenever possible, to use a cable connected to your modem to perform the tests, in addition to disconnecting any download or data transfer that is in progress.

The main advantage of always doing the Speed Test is to monitor the performance of your connection, so that it is possible to follow the historical variation of the performance and speed of your internet. So you can contact your ISP and request improvements to your connection. The OOKLA TEST SPEED internet test, also known as Speed Test, is highly accurate, as the system automatically detects the user's location and, based on this, chooses the best server for the test, among the thousands of internet providers that our network has spread throughout Brazil, ensuring more accurate results. In OOKLA TESTE SPEED, all the tests you perform are stored in our system, allowing you to have a historical record of your internet speed, being able to monitor the performance of your connection over time